石朱生博士 学术报告
2019-06-17 09:00-2019-06-17 11:00 材料A楼500 主讲人 :石朱生博士

报告题目: Materials Modelling of Aluminium Alloy with Dynamic Precipitation

报告人: Dr Zhusheng Shi, Imperial College London


时间: 2019-6-17 上午9:00-11:00

地点: 材料A楼500





Materials Modelling of Aluminium Alloy with Dynamic Precipitation
The purpose of materials processing is to produce correct shape and/or achieve required properties. During thermomechanical processing of high strength aluminium alloys, various microstructural changes may occur, including formation of dislocations and precipitate nucleation and growth. These changes will affect the final shape and the properties of the formed product. Materials modelling will play an important part in process optimisation and cost reduction of trial and error. In this talk, attention will be focused on how to develop a constitutive materials model that is suitable for engineering applications. Examples will be given based on creep age forming process, from materials testing, microstructural observation and analysis of underlying mechanisms to formulation of constitutive equations and constants determination, as well as model application in process simulation.